Rock Point Travel Tips

Travel Distance

  • Phoenix – 212 miles, directions
  • Tucson – 212 miles, directions
  • Anthem – 235 miles
  • San Diego - 270 miles, directions
  • Tailgaters/Il Primo Pizza - 203 miles
  • Distance from the Border to Rocky Point is 66 miles
  • Get gas in Ajo or Why so you don’t have to fill-up in Mexico, though the gas there is considered fine.

Car Insurance

  • Required by Mexican Law
  • Either purchase on the Internet or in Ajo at one of the many gas stations

For crossing the border back into the U.S. Lukeville border


  • Can I bring my pet into Mexico?
    Yes. Dogs and Cats are allowed. You will need to carry a copy of the rabies certificate in case you are asked. Do not bring livestock, birds or other rare animals into Mexico.
  • Can I bring a bird back to the U.S. from Mexico?
    Yes you can but you will need to exit through San Luis and the bird will be quarantined for 30 days. It is not advised.
  • Are there veterinarians in Peñasco?
    Yes, we have vets here in town that can give care for your animal in case of emergency or general preventative care. They also sell dog and cat food and pet items as well as offer bathing services and pet boarding.
  • What do I do if I lose my pet in Peñasco?
    The best way we have found to recover a lost pet is to saturate the area with flyers offering a reward. Hand them to taxi drivers, water trucks, etc. and put an ad on the local Mexican radio station. The best way to ensure your pet’s safety is to leave it at home or keep an extremely close eye on it.
  • Are Pets Welcome in Restaurants and Shops?
    As a general rule, NO! People come to Mexico and think just because they are here that it is perfectly acceptable to bring your dog into a restaurant. It is not. Some cantinas will allow dogs. You need to ask the shop or restaurant owner first before assuming your pet is welcome.

Cell Phones

  • They do work in many parts of Rocky Point, though not always at the Sonoran Sun Resort
  • You need to dial 001 before dialing the area code and phone number when calling the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions for entering into Mexico

  • You are allowed $50 per person of new merchandise
  • ALL meat items are subject to confiscation
  • 3 liters of alcohol per person
  • 2 cartons of cigarettes per person
  • No firearms of ammunition
  • Domestic Pets allowed
  • Carry the title and registration to all vehicles, trailers and toys
  • If you are carrying over $50 in new items or over $10,000 in cash, you must stop and declare at customs and pay any related taxes.
  • If you are going to travel outside of the Free Zone in which Rocky Point is located, you will need an FMT (personal tourist visa) which can be obtained at the immigration office in Sonoyt

Calling the Sonoran Sun

  • The phone number for the Sonoran Sun, when calling from the U.S.:
    • 011-52-638-383-0200
    • To connect to our unit, follow the prompts and then our unit is 402 in the West building.  You end up dialing 1, then 1, then 1402


  • Dial *112 from a cell phone
  • Dial 066 from a landline
  • Bilingual officers are now located at two locations
    • Municipal Building on the corner of Benito Juarez and Freemont
    • Between Hotel Penasco del Sol and Playa Bonita

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