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Happy New Year! I hope that your Holiday Season has been super terrific and that you got everything that you wanted for Christmas. We at Sonoran Resorts wish you Health, Happiness, and Success throughout this new year. 

I'll start this month's newsletter on a serious note. I would be remiss in my responsibility to you if I tried to sweep the events of December 18th under the rug. I am sure that you have heard many different versions, most of them are more than likely only loosely based on the truth. As they say, "The tales get taller on down the line". I can sum up the experience in just five sentences. After that, I"m finished with the subject and ready to continue down the very positive path that we're on. 

It was a secret Federal operation to take down a criminal element that was in town and staying at Bella Sirena Resort. It was conducted at a time with the least possible tourists in town and no people on the street - 4:00 a.m. on aWednesday in mid-December. The bad guys were tipped off to the operation in advance which increased the scale of the conflict, nonetheless it was a complete success and no innocent people were injured. Rocky Point will remain a safe place because of it and it sends a very strong message that this little city will not tolerate criminals or criminal activity. Life here was completely back to normal by the early afternoon and the vast majority of comments have been positive and thankful that our Police and Military are doing their jobs to protect Puerto Penasco. 

OK. On to the big news about the Home Port. Long story short, Construction Has Started! For the naysayers and doubters, just come and take a look for yourselves. There was a small ceremony on December 10th as work actually began. The official ceremony should be coming soon and I'll let you know as soon as I have information on the date and who is expected to be here. Since Sami from RP360 has already written a great article on the subject, I will re-post her article below rather than repeating the information myself. We're on our way! 

The Black and White Ball, held at the new convention center, was a huge success again this year. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this time but everyone that I talked with who had been there told me that the convention center is absolutely beautiful. It is most certainly another huge asset to RockyPoint and will help bring large groups of people to discover our paradise.

Paving continues on the main Boulevard Benito Juarez and you can expect to detour around the construction as you come into town. Samuel Ocana is slated to be the next road to begin repaving (story below). Even though there are a lot of very bad roads in town, the new ones are being built with hydrolic concrete and should last for a very long time.

It's official! The year 2013 marked a record high in both number of resales and total dollar amount of resales since the inception of our Sonoran Resorts Sales Department many years ago. Officially, we had 62 Closed and Pending sales for a total of over 20 Million Dollars. I am very much looking forward to this being another great year as we continue to maintain our leadership role in Puerto Penasco. Information cimpliments of Jim Ringquist

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